Sunday, 9 November 2008

finished Federico's blanket!
picture will come later!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

my UFO-list


I have to publish my UFO-list...
so maybe I'll finish some of these things????
.... and I must say that I haven't got all my UFOs on the list!
More things are waiting in bags or boxes, many things just
need only half an hour to be finished...
yesterday I finished the Halloween-KAL
Morticia's Washcloth
which took some time, but it was funny

Patterns to finish - to write or to translate
Pippi Longstockings, Mr Nielsson and the horse (pattern)
Gald Sad family (pattern)

Items to finish
the glad sad family
Long stockings
Blanket for Federico (border only)
angels for Xmastree (heads, wings)
a little troll
shoes for Dorothy doll
Duck (needs a head and wings)
Free forming bag
Eva's potholder (add border)
Bib for newborn (yellow)
Bib (blue)
mouse (square)
grey and blue fingerless mittens (buttons)
curtains (bathroom)
towels (four to do)
Baby blanket with Tunisian squares (making borders and assembling)
panties for Blundie (pink dress)
a felted red bag
Tunisian bag (red)

Mike, the big monkey
Max the little monkey

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

even the blog is an UFO....


even this bog is an UFO.... and we all left it behind us.... my UFOs's still growing.... the ideas in my head are so many... and I need time....

here's my last creation.... BLUND from IKEA... I'm preapring clothes (and patterns which you'll find on ) ... more will soon come....