Monday, 12 November 2007

you're right, michelle

you're right michelle, it's quit in here... we're all working hard on our UFOs... and on the new things!

well I finished some, and wanted to post pictures. here's the first.

It's Lottie - a Knitted Babe. the body was born in Spring and last week she finally got a face and hair! The hair is just a long fingerknitted tail!
I also finished "Eva's Autumn Bag", a couple of twins and other dolls. Sorry have no pictures jet!

A Quiet Blog

Hi everyone, isn't it quiet here...... I haven't posted because I haven't finished anything that's unfinished. I'm just working on my scraps afghan and a blanket for my almost 2 year old.

I also started a dolly blanket for my niece-in-law (ex) to go in with her Christmas stuff, it's in shades of pink in lovely soft yarns. I thought I'd make a little pillow to go with it.

Gotta go, the kids just got out of the shower.

Seeya XXX

Sunday, 14 October 2007

my patchwork-afghan

here's my patchwork afghan... needs just the cover on the backside.... but it's been waiting for al least 12 years, so it can wait some months more....;-))

my first F(inished)O(bjects)

I am so HAPPY to share my first FOs (finished objects!)
here you can see the first group

and here comes the second group...

as you can see: they're all small, tiny things, every little thing just needed arms, eyes, a button or smth like that! They're now in bags ready for the next charity markets!


while I was working on my UFOS, I wondered WHY I have so many ...
well, first of al because I'm a little lazy and sometimes I think "I'll find the buttons later"/forgetting all about it, or "Can't find that yarn right now, will look for it tomorrow!"/forgetting again...

that was one reason, the second and the very most DANGEROUS (!!!) reason is, that by and by I get new ideas and MUST try immediately...

have a nice UFO-Sunday

mette - a Dane in Italy

Saturday, 13 October 2007

Some of My UFO's

Hi there, how are those UFO's coming along? I've been busy playing around on my Blogger blog trying to work out how to post photos. I managed to do it through Flickr, however I could only post one photo per entry.

I tried through the Blogger photo icon, but it wouldn't work. It turns out it was a Blogger problem, not something I was doing, so that was good.

A wanted to share some UFO's I have from when I was into quilting last year. This is the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I told you about that I had professionally stipple quilted. I stitched all these hexagons together by hand using papers about 15 (?) years ago. Next winter (hopefully) I will get back to it and put the binding on around the edges, then it will be done.

This is a close up so you can see the stipple quilting, she did an amazing job.

I forgot about this one, it's going to be a quilt-as-you-go I-Spy quilt. All the hexagons, backing and batting are cut out, but I lost interest.

This is one I machine stitched also about 15 years ago. When I can afford it I may also get it professionally quilted. It's just a top at the moment.

This one was for my girlfriends's first granddaughter, but I reached the point where I just could NOT look at it one more time, so I crocheted her something instead, it just needs to be quilted and the binding stitched on.

And lastly this is the UFO quilt top that I made out of all my quilting UFO blocks and bits and pieces. I had many leftovers, try-outs, appliques and odds and ends, so I came up with the idea of making them into a UFO quilt. It's just a top as yet, it also needs to be quilted and the binding attached to be finished.

So there you go! Now I might have to photo my crochet UFO's.........
Now I've shared mine, how about stopping by and sharing some pics of yours?
Michelle XXX

A Few of My UFO's

Hi there my friends, how's those UFO's going? Any progress? Well I've been busy playing around on my Blogger blog trying to learn to post pics.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Why a UFO?

Hello there, how's everyone today? Working hard at those UFO's I hope? Ha ha ha who am I kidding...... if we were there wouldn't be a need for this blog.....

After I went shopping this morning, I came home and was doing the washing and a few other household chores. As I was going about my business I was thinking about this blog, and UFO's. I got to wondering, 'What makes a UFO a UFO?' Why is it that that particular project doesn't get finished yet others do?

We can all use the excuse of not having time, which is a good one if we just want to kid ourselves with an excuse to make ourselves feel better, BUT, the fact is we all DO have the time if we are passionate enough about that project.

I can't answer for anyone else but for me a number of reasons came to mind:

* It got too hard - I got out of my depth and perhaps I need help with instructions or materials.
* I don't like the colors/design/fabric/yarn anymore. Perhaps I did too many projects in that color/yarn whatever, and now I've reached that, "Oh God I NEVER want to see this color/yarn again!"
* I found a new pattern I just HAVE to make RIGHT NOW! So the one I was working on gets tossed aside for the time being.
* I just have too many projects going at once and can't work on them all at the same time.
* Perhaps I've gone off quilt making and I'm back into crochet, so the unfinished quilts, fabric and supplies get put away until I want to get back into it again. Or vice versa.
* Perhaps my kids are unwell and I need something simple and easy to do that doesn't need concentration, and before I know it, months have gone by.
* Perhaps I ran out of one of the materials/yarns and can't get more just yet.

These were just a few I was thinking about, if I knew how to do a poll, I would do one but I'm not that clever at Blogger yet.

And the other question I contemplated was how long does a project have to be untouched to make it a UFO, not just a project waiting to be finished? Most of us have more than one thing we're working on at once, I think it just comes with being a creative person. But if that project doesn't get worked on, how long does it take to make it a UFO? A week? A month? Six months? A year? Or more? Again, this would be another interesting poll.

So these were this mornings thoughts, I hope I will get some feedback on my questions, it'll be interesting to see what YOU think.

And lastly, where are my fellow UFO bloggers? Come on ladies! I don't want to be a blog-hog!

Have a great day my friends!

Michelle XXX

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

well, well, well.....

What a fantastic idea this is, making us bare our all and blush.....

Hi there, I'm Michelle and glad to be here, I have plenty of UFO's to share. Over the course of my life I have had MANY creative hobbies, hardanger embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork and quilting, tapestry, knitting, and of course my VERY favorite, crochet. I learnt basic crochet at the age of 5 by an elderly friend of the family. It's a craft that I have come back to over and over during my life. I think the thing that makes it win over everything else, is the fact that it requires so few tools to get started. A hook, a ball of yarn and you're off!

Last year (for some stupid reason) I decided I'd no longer crochet again, and I got rid of all my yarn, so I donated it on Freecycle. Some very happy ladies who knit and crochet for charity were rapt to take it off my hands.

HOWEVER.... only months later, the bug hit again and out came my hooks (Thank God I never parted with them!). So I've been happily crocheting ever since, and slowly rebuilding my stash.

When it comes to UFO's, last year I gave many of them away, there was a couple of patchwork quilts that I was SO sick of, I knew I wouldn't finish them, they were Freecycled. Along with some afghans and squares for afghans.

When I was in my middle twenties I started quilting and made a number of quilt tops that still haven't been completed. I'm 40 now, and these include a blue and white quilt top that I can't even remember the name of, and a massive grandmothers flower garden quilt, completely hand sewn. Early this year i had the flower garden professionally stipple quilted as it was too big to even fit across my loungeroom floor to tack it together. One day I will finish it and stitch on the binding.....

There is also a country applique quilt and a couple of other quilts stored in bags under my bed. When the quilting bug hits, I will complete them, but it won't be this year with summer fast approaching (in Australia).

My crocheting UFO's include a poncho for me done in worsted weight and hairy yarn, it's about a thrid done and I've lost interest for the time being.

There's the daisy square from Krochet Krystal that I can't work out. I'm not defeated yet, but I just can't face it at the moment.

There's a pink and purple Round Ripple Afghan waiting for me to finish it.

A lovely soft knitted shawl that needs lots more done on it.

A pink crocheted baby blanket. I bought the pink strips off ebay, but they were longer than i thought, when I got them, so not sure what I'll do with them as yet.

There's a beanie done in the shape of a rectangle (crocheted), then you join the seams and pull it together, it's almost done.

A granny square bag for a little girl. The squares are done and sitting quietly waiting for me to put it all together.

I made a large crocheted blanket for my son's bed, it's all put together but just needs a couple of rounds added around the borders, a few ends sewn in and it'll be finished.....

This is all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's more. I'm looking forward to seeing what others have to say about their UFO's in this blog. I will post pics when I learn how to do that. I have a blog over on Yahoo, but Blogger is all new to me. I have Flickr account and will have a play around and see if I can figure it out.

So until next time, Seeya!
from Michelle XXX

Monday, 8 October 2007

poor me.....

So this morning.... I found another bag... I had completely forgotten it... the bag's from summer 2006... and it is full of small, cute dolls (mostly fingerdolls I use at school)... some without eyes or hair, some without arms..... poor dolls....
I MUST work hard... I promise myself - and you in the blog! - that I must not begin new thigs before I've finished at least 5 objects.... I've got so many ideas in my head... no time... and many UFOs.............

I just have 2, a dishcloth and a sock

The dishcloth I will finish, because it's easy and I've got a good start on it. The sock will be the death of me yet. It keeps wanting to fall off the needles and I'm always having to repair stuff. I'm up to the gusset, though, so I've already gotten pretty far.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Come on.... and share your UFOS....

About two weeks ago I made a loooong list (more than 24 items!!!) of UFOs, and in my Danish knit-group I admitted in pubblic all my "sins" ;-)) .... and belive me! After that many knitty-friends gave me some ideas how to go on and what to do.... so I started to work only on my UFOs.
Here you can see the first part of my UFOs - but they are now FOs! ;)
But don't think I finished....

This is a bag with my 52 suares in Tunisian Crochet from a along that finished in February 2007... They're still waiting .....
Even if many of the pages on my homepage are in Danish or Italian (some in English too) you may enjoy the pictures of the squares!