Sunday, 7 October 2007

Come on.... and share your UFOS....

About two weeks ago I made a loooong list (more than 24 items!!!) of UFOs, and in my Danish knit-group I admitted in pubblic all my "sins" ;-)) .... and belive me! After that many knitty-friends gave me some ideas how to go on and what to do.... so I started to work only on my UFOs.
Here you can see the first part of my UFOs - but they are now FOs! ;)
But don't think I finished....

This is a bag with my 52 suares in Tunisian Crochet from a along that finished in February 2007... They're still waiting .....
Even if many of the pages on my homepage are in Danish or Italian (some in English too) you may enjoy the pictures of the squares!


Dorith said...

Hello Mette,

Thanks for inviting me to the UFO blog. I have only one UFO and that is the one and only project I am working on ~ a bed spread in squares. It has a flowery motive in the middle and then four rows of granny square crochet and two more rows of one hdc and one sc.

So this is not a UFO in the same sense you use it, like many unfinished projects hiding here and there and everywhere.

Good luck with the blog! Love and hugs from Dorith

Line said...


Please me in and I will shaer my UFO's with yo ;o)