Saturday, 13 October 2007

Some of My UFO's

Hi there, how are those UFO's coming along? I've been busy playing around on my Blogger blog trying to work out how to post photos. I managed to do it through Flickr, however I could only post one photo per entry.

I tried through the Blogger photo icon, but it wouldn't work. It turns out it was a Blogger problem, not something I was doing, so that was good.

A wanted to share some UFO's I have from when I was into quilting last year. This is the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt I told you about that I had professionally stipple quilted. I stitched all these hexagons together by hand using papers about 15 (?) years ago. Next winter (hopefully) I will get back to it and put the binding on around the edges, then it will be done.

This is a close up so you can see the stipple quilting, she did an amazing job.

I forgot about this one, it's going to be a quilt-as-you-go I-Spy quilt. All the hexagons, backing and batting are cut out, but I lost interest.

This is one I machine stitched also about 15 years ago. When I can afford it I may also get it professionally quilted. It's just a top at the moment.

This one was for my girlfriends's first granddaughter, but I reached the point where I just could NOT look at it one more time, so I crocheted her something instead, it just needs to be quilted and the binding stitched on.

And lastly this is the UFO quilt top that I made out of all my quilting UFO blocks and bits and pieces. I had many leftovers, try-outs, appliques and odds and ends, so I came up with the idea of making them into a UFO quilt. It's just a top as yet, it also needs to be quilted and the binding attached to be finished.

So there you go! Now I might have to photo my crochet UFO's.........
Now I've shared mine, how about stopping by and sharing some pics of yours?
Michelle XXX

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metteb said...

hello michelle,
how nice to see your UFOS....BUT BUT but but... I do remember that I've got a spread in hexagons too to must be as old as yors!!! but I do know WHY it's still an I do every stitch on my patworks by hand, I do not like to add the back-side. I'm not able to quilt as you are...lucky friends/family of yours that do get great gifts (when you finish them! ;-D)

if you want to see my afghans please go here
the very first is still an UFO for my son. My "granny-gardn" is finished and my daugther uses it (doublebed)... must add a new pictrue on that page so that you can see that it really ISN'T an UFO any more ;-))

cheers and have a nice UFO-Sunday!