Sunday, 14 October 2007

my first F(inished)O(bjects)

I am so HAPPY to share my first FOs (finished objects!)
here you can see the first group

and here comes the second group...

as you can see: they're all small, tiny things, every little thing just needed arms, eyes, a button or smth like that! They're now in bags ready for the next charity markets!


while I was working on my UFOS, I wondered WHY I have so many ...
well, first of al because I'm a little lazy and sometimes I think "I'll find the buttons later"/forgetting all about it, or "Can't find that yarn right now, will look for it tomorrow!"/forgetting again...

that was one reason, the second and the very most DANGEROUS (!!!) reason is, that by and by I get new ideas and MUST try immediately...

have a nice UFO-Sunday

mette - a Dane in Italy

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Woohoo! You're the first one to finish some projects! Congratulations! What are those blue tube thingys? I can't tell what they are as the photo isn't close enough.

I must say when it comes to my quilts I have NO intention of touching them until at LEAST next winter. They're way too hot to work on over the summer. XXX