Monday, 8 October 2007

poor me.....

So this morning.... I found another bag... I had completely forgotten it... the bag's from summer 2006... and it is full of small, cute dolls (mostly fingerdolls I use at school)... some without eyes or hair, some without arms..... poor dolls....
I MUST work hard... I promise myself - and you in the blog! - that I must not begin new thigs before I've finished at least 5 objects.... I've got so many ideas in my head... no time... and many UFOs.............


Annette better known as Nana said...

Hi Mette
I don't have pictures of my unfinished work but I have on the needles
2 prayer shawls for my daughter's ministry
3 pairs of socks w/cables
1 bookmark
1 dishcloth of my pattern I designed in memory of my mom
So I am not to bad but must have 100 balls of different yarns to use up.
That's where my problem is. Like to buy yarn.
Someday will rearrange it so it will display nicely but right now in boxes and 2 wicker hampers.
Hugs and blessings everyone for a wonderful week and happy knitting

metteb said...

hi annette
I feel less lonely now!
I think you should post your UFO list not as a comment!